Jazzfeezy Presents Zen's - Organic Beats

Jazzfeezy Presents Zen's - Organic Beats

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Jazzfeezy teams up with Zen to bring you Zen’s Organic Beats. Zen's music is all about combining organic Foley and sounds from everyday household objects, together, with electronic elements with inspiration from vintage analog hardware and futuristic synths.

This pack is compiled from some of Zen’s favorite sounds which are either self-recorded or synthesized. Ranging from ambient synths, all the way to thumpy 808s.

This pack will help you add a new dimension to your music, with the help of organic Foley, ambiences and drums.

275 Drums total
126 Drums
74 FXs
39 Melodic Loops
21 Drumloops
15 One Shots